Afarinesh Strategies – Part 1 – Academic Writing Task1 – Part 1

Afarinesh Strategies Part 1 Academic Writing Task1 Part 1

Academic Writing Task1

 Recognize the Parts of a Graphic

در این قسمت شما را با سه قسمت نمودار که اولین قدم برای تحلیل درست میباشد آشنا خواهیم کرد


استراتژی این قسمت دانستن تفاوت سه المان زیر میباشد:

Know the three key parts of a graphic so you can discuss them

A key tells you what a line, bar, or color represents A unit can be measured. Examples of a unit are percentages, numbers, dates, days, or years A category represents a group. Examples of a category are people, cities, regions, or institutions


Use the key, unit, and category to describe the graphic

در ادامه مثالهایی از چارت،گراف و جدول برای شما آورده شده.

 (Units and categories) را با توجه به داده ها مشخص کنید.


Charts, graphs, and tables can be divided into units and categories. Look at the following graphics and write the units and categories



bar chart

______________________  Units _______________________ Categories: months _________ Key: grey _________  Black




 _________  Units ______________  Categories _______  Key solid line ______  broken line



pie chart

 __________________  Units _______________  Categories




 _________________  Units ______________  Categories


: Answers

N1. Units: dollars Categories: months/ January/ February/ March /May/ July /September /November N2. Units: years-2012,2013,2014,2015,2016 Categories: bushels Key: solid line wheat Broken line corn N3. units : percentages- 25% 10% 30% 35% Categories: fields of study : botani- biology- chemistry- physics N4. Units : temperature (degrees) 75,89,60,82,62,60,67,45,66,42 Categories: cities— London Rome Sydney Tokyo Bogota

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