Adjectives warm-up – part 7


Adjectives warm-up – part 7

Comparatives and superlatives 2

.N1. This is the happiest/happiest/most happy Day of my life
.N2. He is the famousest/most famous/ most famouset footballer in the world
.N3. It’s hoter/hotter/more hot then it was yesterday
.N4. She was gradually becoming confidenter/ more confident/ more confidenter
.N5. It was the baddest/ most bad/worst film I had ever seen
.N6. People are now in a hopefuler/ hopefuller/more hopeful mood
.N7. Snakes are the things I am afraidest/most afraid of
.N8. This job is easier/easyer/ more easier than my last one
.N9. They wanted their children to have the best/bestest/goodest education possible
.N10. After that, the situation became even badder/more bad/ worse


: Answers

N1. Happiest
N2. most famous
N3. hotter
N4. more confident
N5. worst
N6. more helpful
N7. most afraid
N8. easier
N9. best
N10. worst


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