Adjectives warm-up – part 6


Adjectives warm-up – part 6

Comparatives and superlatives 1

.N1. One of my feet is big/bigger/biggest than the other
.N2. She is the smart/smarter/smartest girl in the class
.N3. I can’t bear to see you looking so sad/sadder/saddest
.N4. He is my dangerous/more dangerous/most dangerous opponent
.N5. That’s the more ridiculous/ most ridiculous/ ridiculous thing I ever heard
.N6. The explorer gave a very interesting / more interesting/ most interesting talk
.N7. The tall/taller/tallest of the two men asked him what his name was
.N8. I thought English would be a lot easier/easiest/easy to learn
.N9. He’s much happier/happiest/happy at his new school
.N10. There is now only the small/smaller/smallest chance that he is alive


: Answers

N1. Bigger
N2. smartest
N3. sad
N4. most dangerous
N5. most ridiculous
N6. interesting
N7. taller
N8. easier
N9. happier
N10. smallest


Adjectives warm-up – part 6
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