Adjectives warm-up – part 5

Adjectives warm-up part 5

Adjectives warm-up – part 5

Adjectives not used before nouns

Write incorrect if the adjective is used incorrectly before a noun. Write correct if it is used correctly

.N1. She went upstairs to check on the asleep children ?N2. Did you have a nice trip .N3. Doctors have assured worried parents of the safety of the vaccine .N4. The safe refugees are now in camps .N5. He put an alive frog in his sister’s bed .N6. Tears ran from her closed eyes .N7. Her glad parents told everyone about her engagement .N8. A frightened villager told them what the rebels had done .N9. When the bomb went off, afraid people ran in all directions .N10. The unaware walkers had ended up in an area where weapons were being tested


: Answers

N1. Incorrect N2. correct N3. correct N4. incorrect N5. incorrect N6. correct N7. incorrect N8. correct N9. incorrect N10. incorrect

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